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Tabu Ley Rochereau – Aon Aon

Tabu Ley Rochereau – The Voice of Lightness

Apologies, I’m getting slack in my old age. If you want excuses, I have excuses. But only bad ones as I’ve actually been on holiday at Stayathome-by-the-Sea this week. My excuse is that I’ve been busy. I’ve been clearing the garden to prepare for 1. having a new patio laid next week and 2. summer – also due next week!

Anyway, here a week late is the opening track from the Tabu Ley double album. I’ve been playing it a lot over the past few weeks as it is joyous, summery music. However, I have not found it easy to select a track to post as they are all good but in different ways. I have chosen using the default position – if in doubt post track 1. Let’s face it if track 1 (i.e. the track that welcomes you into the album) is no good, the the whole CD is going to be rubbish.

This track isn’t particularly representative of the album or even CD2 but it is an “earworm” and it does feature wah-wah guitar and Tabu Ley whistling. Now that could be a mini series of posts – tracks featuring someone whistling!

Tabu Ley Rochereau – Aon Aon