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Dikanda – Ederlezi

Dikanda - Usztijo

Dikanda – Usztijo

1, 2, 3, …, 13 – it’s Dikanda – Ederlezi.

Dikanda are a Polish group who play gypsy music; they are from Szczecin in the north of Poland. I was introduced to Dikanda by my friend Robert who I did some work with a few years ago – Robert hails from a small town very close to Szczecin. Dikanda are very popular on the folk scene in Poland, Germany and around Europe and have recently toured the USA.

It is quite serendipitous that my Lucky Thirteen CD of the week was of gypsy music, as last weekend I went to the London Gypsy Orchestra’s concert at the Union Chapel. As you may well know, my daughter plays in the Orchestra and this was her last concert prior to taking a year’s sabbatical to do some volunteering in Mali and then travel to far flung places. She is under strict instructions to fulfil her daughterly obligations and send back Malian / Farflungian CDs, so watch out for those being posted here!

So, before posting this week’s track, I would encourage you to support the London Gypsy Orchestra – go to the gigs – they are great fun, buy the CD, become a “Friend” etc. And look out for Dinkanda. I don’t think they have played live in the UK – but they really should. The CDs are available and of course you can download the tracks from many sources.

Dikanda – Ederlezi

Banana Boat feat. Eleanor McEvoy – Little Look

Banana Boat feat. Eleanor McEvoy - A Little A Cappella

Banana Boat feat. Eleanor McEvoy – A Little A Cappella

After a very short South American season, I’ve exhausted my South American collection – or at least the tracks I feel like posting. And this week I have no news / gigs / new purchases / BBC 4 programmes watched that I can link a post to. So, I’m going to crib an idea from Joe Boyd and saunter through my record collection selecting every 13th CD – Lucky 13 in Joe’s terminology. I’m not sure what it is going to throw up – we’ll all just have to wait and see.

The first CD in my filing system is the French Canadian groups Ad Vielle Que Pourra‘s CD Ménage à Quatre. And 13 albums along is Banana Boat featuring Eleanor McEvoy – A Little A Cappella: Irish-Polish harmony. I am the proud owner of three Banana Boat albums – all donated to me by the group after I wrote to them to let them know that Andy Kershaw was playing their music on his Radio 3 programme. The group specialise in singing sea shanties – all well and good when you think of the long maritime history of Poland – until you learn that they live as far south in Poland as you can get i.e. about 600km from the sea.

The track I’m posting is not a sea shanty, rather it is a folk-pop song written by Eleanor McEvoy in which she sings the lead and they provide harmonies. I’m not sure how easy it would be to find CDs or even mp3 downloads by Banana Boat but if you find them – snap them up!

Banana Boat feat. Eleanor McEvoy – Little Look