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D’Gary – Tiambaly

D'Gary – Malagasy Guitar

D’Gary – Malagasy Guitar

I usually sit down at the weekend with no idea of what I am going to post and then find inspiration from anniversaries, items in the news, events in my life or music I have been or want to rediscover. I haven’t, till now, planned one post let alone a series of posts. However …

Next weekend I’m going away for a week, on holiday in Dorset. If I am going to post over the next few weekends, I will have to be organised. So, following on from last weekend’s music from China, I am planning a short series of acoustic, instrumental tracks.

This week I am posting a track from Madagascar. I love Malagasy music. When you hear it, you know immediately that it comes from Madagascar, it just couldn’t come from anywhere else. Even when played on modern instruments, it evokes a unique and ancient cultural heritage.

“Tiambaly” is taken from the album “Malagasy Guitar” by D’Gary, recorded as part of the Kaiser Lindley Madagascar Project. In 1991, the American musicians Henry Kaiser and David Lindley, who had long been fascinated by the music, people and unique wildlife of Madagascar, visited the island to play with and record local musicians. They released four other albums as a result of the trip including the acclaimed “A World out of Time – Henry Kaiser and David Lindley in Madagascar, Volumes 1 & 2”.

If you enjoy this track and want to discover more Malagasy music, take a look at Ian Anderson’s listing Madagascar Music on CD (last updated in 2004).

D’Gary – Tiambaly