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Muungano National Choir, Kenya – Sanctus

Muungano National Choir, Kenya – Missa Luba

Muungano National Choir – Missa Luba

I’m late posting this week. Apologies for that. Family visitations and some heavy lifting in the garden (heavy pruning and heavy clearing away actually) meant that time and energy were in short supply. But better late than never, eh?

And I’ve got all in a muddle about this week’s choice of music too. Earlier in the week, I read in the Guardian of the death of David Fanshawe, the composer and musicologist. Cue a post on Missa Luba. Only David Fanshawe did not write / record Missa Luba. His work that I was muddling up with Missa Luba was African Sanctus which is not in my record collection. No matter, I’ll post Missa Luba anyway.

My cd of Missa Luba was given to me as a present. I was a little ungrateful on receiving it as, at first, I wasn’t that keen on the music. It seemed too clean and wholesome; I tend to like my African music to have a few more rough edges. But, by virtue of the shuffle play in my computer’s music player (name check Banshee), I have heard it a lot recently and appreciate it much more.

The track I’m posting for you is Sanctus which I first heard on the Soundtrack to Lindsay Anderson’s film if….. Read the Wikipedia article for more on this piece of music and the many and varied films that have used it in their soundtracks.

Muungano National Choir, Kenya – Sanctus

Ayub Ogada – Kothbiro

Ayub Ogada - En Mana Kuoyo

Ayub Ogada – En Mana Kuoyo

It won’t have escaped your notice that tomorrow is the inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States! The hype surrounding the event has been astonishing but, despite the hype, there seems to be genuine optimism in the country that America will see a change for the better. I’m not sure that all the hype will help Obama but, along with many Americans, I certainly hope that his presidency is a success and that he can restore America’s integrity in the world and rebuild the American economy.

To mark the inauguration and acknowledge Obama’s Kenyan roots, I can’t do better than to post a track by Kenyan musician Ayub Ogada. The track, Kothbiro, is from the 1993 album “En Mana Kuoyo”. I don’t have the album but have taken it from “Top of the World 39” a free CD included with an edition of Songlines magazine in 2006. The track was chosen for the Songlines CD by Alexander McCall Smith of “The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency” fame. If you don’t know the track but it sounds familiar, it was also featured in the film of John le Carré’s novel, “The Constant Gardener”.

Ayub Ogada – Kothbiro