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Muzsikás – Kalotaszeg Dances

Muzsikás - The Bartók Album

Muzsikás – The Bartók Album

This week’s track might also encourage you to make a late booking for the London Gypsy Orchestra’s CD launch at Cecil Sharp House tomorrow. More Balkan / Gypsy music, this time from Muzsikás.

This track, “Kalotaszeg Dances”, is taken from “The Bartók Album” on which they play music folk music collected by Belá Bartók himself. The album is interesting in concept as it includes Muzsikás’ arrangements of tunes collected by Bartók, Bartók’s own arrangements of some of the folk melodies and a few of Bartók’s original recordings.

The song that starts this track includes the lyrics (in translation):

Bow, gypsy fiddler, break your strings
Because you will not be playing for me long
Play slowly, beautifully, softly
So my beloved will love me a hundred times more.

Let’s see if the London Gypsy Orchestra can live up to this exhortation. I’m sure that they can!

Muzsikás – Kalotaszeg Dances