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Cesaria Evora – Tiempo Y Silencio

Cesaria Evora - São Vicente di Longe

Cesaria Evora – São Vicente di Longe

After last week’s post, I slotted Machanic Manyeruke back into the rack and then counted thirteen forward, and would you know it, Thomas Mapfumo – The Singles Collection was the nominated CD. So, all is well in the Universe, back to back Zimbabwe.

However, this plan was put to one side last night on hearing of the death of Cesaria Evora. I couldn’t let this week go by without commemorating her.

Cesaria Evora had one of those rare voices that you could not mistake for anyone else’s. And when her voice was heard in 1988 with the release of her first album La Diva Aux Pieds Nus, she garnered fans far and wide. Remarkably for a singer from humble beginnings, living in a tiny community on an extremely remote island, she sold hundreds of thousands of records and was nominated for a Grammy in 1995, eventually winning one in 2004 with her album Voz d’Amor.

The distinctive music that Cesaria Evora performed is called morna. Morna is to Cape Verde what fado is to Portugal, tango is to Argentina and rumba is to Cuba and, through the voice of Cesaria Evora, morna was heard and loved around the world.

Cesaria Evora – Tiempo Y Silencio