Amadou & Mariam – Bali Maou

Various Artists – World 2000

Various Artists – World 2000

More from Mali this week.

I have it on very good authority (and from some less reliable sources) that the Festival sur le Niger was a blast. Our IS team enjoyed fantastic music and met lovely generous people, including their Malian hosts, a couple of mad Americans who had driven an ambulance from London to Bamako and … Salif Keita himself. But don’t take my word for it – read the blogs linked above.

Here in the less exotic English Midlands, we had to satisfy our curiosities and musical appetites by reading the article about Amadou and Mariam in today’s Observer and enjoying the photos taken on the trip to Bamako to interview them. Much is made in the article of the school for the blind in Bamako where Amadou and Mariam met and there are photos of the school today in the photo gallery. The current IS group are working at the school as part of their project and have a Just Giving site to accept donations to support their work there. If you would like to support the the Just Giving page is here.

Today’s track is Amadou and Mariam singing and playing Bali Maou – taken from Charlie Gillett’s compilation World 2000.

Amadou & Mariam – Bali Maou

2 thoughts on “Amadou & Mariam – Bali Maou

  1. dill

    Great track. I’ve linked to blogs, got the names, and am working through the YouTube availabilities. Salif Keita, whose name I knew, but whose music I didn’t, makes breathtakingly beautiful music, doesn’t he? All this has been slightly interrupted by pushing the wrong button on my car radio, Wednesday last. I got Zane Lowe on R1, which is a station I’ve largely avoided since, oh, 1967, but his early evening show (I only do early in the context of evenings…) is now among those to whom I’ve had to open my very likely closed mind. Tremendous sounds, especially a band called the Alabama Shakes. They don’t have my advanced years, let’s say, but, and possibly connected, ‘Hold On’ is a belting little track – you can hear it and a few more on YouTube.

  2. Fran Turner

    Thanks for the plug for our work in Bamako Dad! Now that I’ve seen them live, may I humbly request more Amadou and Mariam next week on Furious Music?

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