Root Doctors – Winin’ Boy Blues

Root Doctors - Dr Roots Gumbo Kings

Root Doctors – Dr Roots Gumbo Kings

Che coincidenza! – I’ve just watched Wales beat Scotland in the 6 Nations Rugby Tournament and Lucky Thirteen selects a CD from Wales for me to post from. Wales via New Orleans that is as today’s track is from Mike Harries Root Doctors.

Their website tells us that : “Mike has been making music in Cardiff since the late 1940’s for the most time in the New Orleans traditional style. He formed the ROOT DOCTORS in 1987, bringing together a group of both experienced and young musicians, proficient in a variety of musical styles. The ambition was to blend together a programme of jazz, blues, R’n’B, funk and all stations south, creating a fresh and exciting sound. There have been many personnel changes over the years, but the music is always eminently danceable and above all else FUN.”

I’m not sure how come I bought this CD or where or when. I don’t even put the CD on my player much but when a track from the CD comes up when I am “shuffling” the mp3s on my computer, my ears prick up and my toes start to tap. (This constitutes the very highest praise this ageing, non-dancer can give to a tune!)

I’m not sure if Winin’ Boy Blues is the best track on the CD – perhaps my vote would go to a live version of Don’t You Lie To Me – but I chose it because a typo on the sleeve notes calls the track Winnin’ Boy Blues and there were 15 Welsh Winnin’ boys on the pitch when the final whistle went in Cardiff this afternoon.

Root Doctors – Winin’ Boy Blues

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  1. Wes Gibbons

    We were great fans of the Root Doctors when they used to play regularly in Cardiff at the 4 Bars Inn and later the Sandringham Hotel Jazz Club, back in the 1990`s. They were great fun, highly talented, and had tremendous on-stage character, led by maestro Mike Harries. Don’t know if they still exist.
    Wes Gibbons

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