Thomas Mapfumo – Pachinyakare

Thomas Mapfumo - The Singles Collection 1977-1986

Thomas Mapfumo – The Singles Collection 1977-1986

After a diversion to celebrate the life of Cesaria Evora I’m back to my Lucky Thirteen series. (When I say my I mean, of course shamelessly stolen from Joe Boyd. And talking of Joe Boyd, is everyone else out there astonished by the fact that Joe Boyd has not been awarded a gong of any description for his services to British music? I know that he is an American but if George Bush and Ronald Reagan are worthy of an award

Enough lobbying, on to Thomas Mapfumo. As trailed last week, thirteen steps from my Machanic Manyeruke CD is Thomas Mapfumo – The Singles Collection 1977-1986. It is hard to find now but is still available online new and used.

The track I have chosen to post is Pachinyakare which is probably the best one to post on Christmas Eve as the news is filled with stories of bombs are being set off round the world killing hundreds of people and maiming many more. Pachinyakare is “A folk song that vividly describes life in the “golden years” of the past when people lived in peace, without numerous problems being encountered in today’s life like disease, shortage of food, pollution etc.”

Have a peaceful Christmas and lets all hope for golden years.

Thomas Mapfumo – Pachinyakare