Kanda Bongo Man – Ida

Kanda Bongo Man - Non Stop Non Stop

Kanda Bongo Man – Non Stop Non Stop

The world divides into two groups – those who dance and those who don’t. I don’t – though occasionally I do tap my feet. However, if I did dance, I might well play this track by Kanda Bongo Man. It was made for dancing, as are all the tracks on the album Non Stop Non Stop.

The album was put out in the UK in 1990 when the work of several African musicians was being re-packaged and marketed in Europe and North America. The cover shows a young and athletic Kanda Bongo Man throwing some moves to, successfully I imagine, encourage his audience to dance. Recent photos show him looking less athletic but equally enthusiastic in his routines.

This album is still available to purchase – though it is not all that cheap. It would make a brilliant Christmas present for the joyful music and Diblo’s sublime guitar playing.

Kanda Bongo Man – Ida