The Connacht Ramblers – Ecological Tourist

Various Artists - fRoots #4

Various Artists – fRoots #4

Today I’m posting a track called Ecological Tourist by The Connacht Ramblers taken from the fRoots magazine’s freebie fRoots #4. It is twee, has uncomfortable rhymes and I love it!

I was inspired to post this after watching the second half of Attenborough’s Egg Hunt on BBC tv. In the programme, David Attenborough returned to Madagascar to find out how the island has changed since he visited in 1960 to film one of his first ever wildlife series, Zoo Quest. The half hour of the show I saw was both depressing (so much of the rainforest has been destroyed) and uplifting (the creatures that remain are both weird and wonderful, and there are some brilliant projects going on to re-forest large tracts of land).

The most compelling moment of the show for me was an encounter between Attenborough and an indri, a beautiful black and white lemur. An enthralled David Attenborough stared wide-eyed at an indri while the indri stared wide-eyed back – that is what indri do.

(The programme had some beautiful Malagasy music on the soundtrack – don’t you wish that, on such shows, when the credits roll they give you a listing of the music used or better still a link to a website so you can discover the more about the music?)

The Connacht Ramblers – Ecological Tourist