Taj Mahal– Señor Blues

Taj Mahal– Señor Blues

Taj Mahal– Señor Blues

I’ve been puzzling for the past week or so what the music is that is being used as the theme tune to the new BBC tv drama The Hour. I couldn’t get there but my friend the Internet could. I now know that it is Señor Blues by Horace Silver.

I’ve got a great version of the tune performed by Taj Mahal on his 1997 album, also called Señor Blues. The album was given to me (us) by Peter & Madeleine my brother-in-law and sister-in-law. They had just seen Taj Mahal perform in Sydney, where they live, and raved about the show.

(You wonder how many people, when they hear a track used in a tv programme / tv advert and get hooked, rush to their computer, Google it and then promptly proceed to iTunes or Amazon or some such service to buy it. A surprising number I’d guess.)

Taj Mahal– Señor Blues

One thought on “Taj Mahal– Señor Blues

  1. dill

    Hi Andy – love this one.

    just back from hols in the West Country. Best musical bits:

    – my sister-in-law, in whose house we stayed, has a vinyl copy of Imperial Bedroom, which I played for the first time in 20 years. Such a beautiful thing.

    – walking past Bath Cathedral, trying to get out of audio range of a Bob Dylan song (I find I no longer have the stomach for them, which is remarkable, given my girth), we ducked into the lunch-time concert/organ recital: James Scott playing various things, including Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in some key or other. Again, a thing of some beauty.

    In my mind, Scott’s playing connected to Steve Naive’s in an Elvis concert I saw at Brixton Town Hall, c1985. I know – not something either of them are likely to want to hear…

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