Kanda Bongo Man – Iyole

Kanda Bongo Man - Non Stop Non Stop

Kanda Bongo Man – Non Stop Non Stop

I hope that you enjoy my first African posting. I doubt if many of you have Kanda Bongo Man in your record collection. I think that you will be impressed with the guitar playing of Diblo Dibala.

From the above, rather dry paragraph, you can glean that 1. I’m making good on my promise to post an African track and 2. my Italian classes have started again. This term in Italian we are dipping our toes into the murky waters of the subjunctive mood. The subjunctive is used a lot in Italian but hardly at all in English these days and so I’m still getting to grips with it. However, I think (hope) that the sentences in the first paragraph each contain “dependent clauses expressing wishes, commands, emotion, possibility, judgement, opinion”.

Enough pedantry, light relief is on offer; just listen to some soukous music from Kanda Bongo Man of the Belgian Congo / Zaire / Democratic Republic of Congo. Soukous, derived from the French word secouer – to shake, is a light African rumba dance music. It is a happy, fluid, infectious music that demands that you dance – or, if you are an Anglo-Saxon male, tap your toes at the very least!

Kanda Bongo Man – Iyole

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