Brass Monkey – Sovay

Brass Monkey - The Complete Brass Monkey

Brass Monkey – The Complete Brass Monkey

Tomorrow, Saturday 21st May 2011, is the 70th birthday of Martin Carthy. Happy birthday Martin – and thanks for all the music.

I heard him interviewed on Mike Harding’s show last week and from his voice, his enthusiasm, the projects he is currently involved in (including Brass Monkey) and his upcoming gigs it unbelievable that he has reached 70.

I don’t know why, but I am always fascinated about how economic activity works and I often wonder how much the likes of Martin Carthy would earn in a year from gigs, record sales, merchandise etc. I hope it is a great deal but I suspect it is not. Whatever he earns, he’s worth it (as someone once said) and probably shed-loads more.

(I have similar wonderings, if you can have wonderings, when I’m on holiday in some remote village in Italy. I usually visit the village bakery that opens for just a few hours in the morning, probably not even every morning, and I wonder how and why the enterprise keeps going.)

Back to the matter in hand – here’s Martin Carthy singing Sovay from the compilation CD of the first 2 Brass Monkey albums.

Brass Monkey – Sovay

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  1. dill

    This is wonderful. I heard them (Brass Monkey) play at the Cambridge Folk Festival, 1982 – I’m ashamed that I can’t remember if they played this brilliant song, but I do know (ie I think I remember) I bought the album with it on about thirty minutes after they finished their set. They played several times, I’m pretty sure, and Martin Carthy did a guitar workshop, early on one of the mornings, and, all of a sudden, I liked folk music again.

    That was also the festival where I saw Pierre Bensusan, again a couple of times, and bought several of his early albums. I was just back from my stay on kibbutz, and still using my Visa card – a luxury which survived until about the Friday of that week, when I was summoned to an inconvenient branch of a high street bank, and where one of those blokes who are younger than you but seem to have been born older, asked me to cut up my card in the presence, and then get myself fornicated. The recent demise of Lehman Brothers can in some lights be seen as kharma.

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