Ernest Ranglin – Fade Away

Ernest Ranglin - Memories of Barber Mack

Ernest Ranglin – Memories of Barber Mack

If I get made redundant in the near future, and that is always possible, given the current state of the UK construction industry, I think that I shall seek work in the public sector. The job I most fancy at the moment is working in the BBC record library, choosing background music for television programmes.

I have often thought that this would be a great job but this thought came back again last week while watching the BBC2 programme “It’s Not Easy Being Green”. In this episode, Lauren Laverne was looking at natural swimming pools, so-called eco-pools. The piece was accompanied, in the background, by music from Ernest Ranglin.

After the show, I replayed the eco-pools section over and over on the BBC iPlayer trying to identify the track played but failed miserably. I think that it is from “Below the Bassline”, a cd that is not (yet) in my collection. As I can’t post the exact track I thought that I would choose “Fade Away” from Ernest Ranglin’s “Memories of Barber Mack” cd. I love this cd – for me it can turn a cold winter’s day into high summer.

Ernest Ranglin – Fade Away