Danny Thompson & Whatever – Beirut

Danny Thompson & Whatever - Elemental

Danny Thompson & Whatever – Elemental

So, on to the final track of my mini Danny Thompson season. This week it is Beirut from the 1990 Danny Thompson & Whatever CD Elemental. I heard a track being described on Jazz Library recently being described as “the kind of music that you can love if you are a jazz fan but you can also love if you are not”. To me this perfectly describes Danny Thompson’s music on each of the 3 jazz albums I own. I hope you’ve enjoyed listening to this mini season and currently badgering your MP / influential friends to secure a knighthood (at least) for the man.

On a Danny Thompson related topic I have just caught up (rather belatedly) with the series of radio shows / podcasts that Joe Boyd has been making on the community radio station Resonance FM. In the first programme, Joe plays Swedish Dance from the Danny Thompson CD Whatever. He explains in the show that the tune was written in memory of Jan Johansson. (Johanson was a Swedish jazz pianist whose Jazz på svenska (Jazz in Swedish) CD sold more than a quarter of a million copies and is the best selling jazz release ever in Sweden. He died in November 1968 in a car crash on his way to a concert.)

I can certainty recommend these Joe Boyd radio shows / podcasts. Boyd is unquestionably one of the most important record producers of the 20th century, his choice of music for these shows is impeccable and his insight into the music and his reminiscences are fascinating. (One caveat – in the first show the sound volumes of the music and the chat in between are, inexplicably, out of balance. This is an irritant but only a minor one and certainly not a reason to miss out on the programme.)

I also plan to root around Resonance FM a bit more. I’m sure that there are treasures to be found here. Next week something entirely different – I’m just not sure what yet!

Danny Thompson & Whatever – Beirut

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  1. dill

    Hi Andy – sorry I’ve been out of touch recently: the cold that comes back for another bite, plus a shit load of marking, did for January. Also, about the Christmas card – lost my address book, honest gov. I’m compiling a new one, but as you’re a ‘t’, it could be a while before I’m in touch…

    Loved the Danny T month, especially Beirut. A bit cheeky, but have you got a list of the players – I’ve got a vague idea who’s on bass, but beyond that I’m flat baroque?

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