Songhai – Caramelo

Songhai - Songhai

Songhai – Songhai

A quick post today as I’ve already spent too much time looking at this computer already this weekend.

Today we’ve got Songhai, a collaboration between the Spanish flamenco group Ketama, Malian kora player Toumani Diabaté, and, our hero, Danny Thompson. I’ve commented before that I’m not one for “fusion” music. I generally like the parts more than the whole. (An aside – I feel this way about fusion food too). However, as with all rules, there are exceptions. One such is Songhai.

They made two albums, imaginatively called Songhai and Songhai 2. Neither albums are easy to purchase at the moment either as CDs or mp3 downloads. If you see a copy, snap it up. Until then, enjoy Caramelo from the first album.

On my, admittedly very quiet, quest to get Danny Thompson and O.B.E. or some such gong, I realise now that I’m hampered by not having a Facebook account. I understand that this is how the young people lobby for such things today. If there is anyone out there with such an account, could you please check to see if there is a high profile campaign to recognise DT and if not, would you start one for me please?

Songhai – Caramelo