Cordelia’s Dad – The Frozen Girl

Cordelia's Dad - Comet

Cordelia's Dad – Comet

Monday was my first day back at work after the Christmas holiday. I woke up when the clock radio began to bleep and must confess that it took me a while to work out what was happening and even longer to work out how to stop it from happening. After that pantomime I jumped out of bed, dressed and stepped outside for my early morning walk. By this time my brain was in gear and I recognised the white stuff lying on the ground as snow in a millisecond. There wasn’t supposed to be snow but it did add some interest to my first walk of the new year.

Monday night was very cold, for Northamptonshire in recent winters. Minus 5 degrees C was forecast and the next four nights are forecast to get down to minus 6, minus 3, minus 2 and then minus 4. Let’s hope the Geranium Maderense plants I grew from seed last year survive!

So, in light of the weather, I thought I would post “The Frozen Girl” by Cordelia’s Dad from their 1995 album “Comet”. This American song with many variants is also known as “A Corpse Going to a Ball”. From this you will gather that it is not a cheerful upbeat number! Indeed, the lyrics are quite maudlin, but they do offer a timely lesson to youngsters going out of an evening, insufficiently clothed. (A father speaks!).

(This cd was bought at a library sale hence the sticker and writing on the cover – honest.)

Cordelia’s Dad – The Frozen Girl

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  1. Frances Turner

    Dad, this is a gorgeous song – might have this CD off you next time I’m in Northampton! I assume references to your children going out for the night with not enough clothes on relate to Joe . . . as I obviously never behaved like that as an impressionable teenager 😉

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