Frances Black – After the Ball

Various Artists - A Woman's Heart

Various Artists – A Woman's Heart

This week I’m posting a track by Frances Black from the compilation album A Woman’s Heart. After the Ball – it seems to sum up Ireland today. The good times have come and gone and now it’s the morning after the night before. Last week Ireland passed it’s budget aimed at bringing its economy back into balance and meeting the terms of Ireland’s €85bn bailout agreed two weeks ago with the IMF and the EU.

The Guardian reported that: “Ireland reluctantly began four years of tax rises and brutal cuts to social welfare after its parliament narrowly passed the harshest budget in the Republic’s history.” GDP in Ireland dropped 7.6% last year but is now predicted to rise by 1.7% in 2011 – time will tell. I don’t suppose there’ll be many dancing in the streets if this growth is achieved!

Next week I plan to forget economics / politics and all those other –ics that get me lathered up. I’m just going to post some joyous Irish folk music. It will be an opportunity to celebrate musicianship and the joy that musical excellence can bring.

Frances Black – After the Ball

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  1. Gordon Blair

    I love this performance – a beautiful girl with a beautiful voice singing a beautiful song. I used to listen to it so often via the internet. Then, sadly, the website where I normally found it disappeared. I searched and searched in vain to find it elsewhere. Every few months, I would search once again without any luck. Finally, after so many search failures over a long time, I found your website, so I can now listen to it from time to time once again. Congratulations.

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