Susana Seivane – Fonsagrada

Susana Seivane – Susana Seivane

Susana Seivane – Susana Seivane

Congratulations to Spain – champions of 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa (to give the tournament it’s full name). I started off by supporting Holland but after 10 minutes of watching Spain try to play football and Holland try to stop them by fair means or foul I switched my allegiances to Spain.

I’ll give you two quotes from the Guardian and you’ll know all you need to know about the match; “Howard Webb, the English referee, risked repetitive strain injury showing 14 yellow cards, a record for a World Cup final” and “Within walking distance of his old family home at 8115 Orlando West, Soweto, (Nelson) Mandela took a short golf-cart ride across the pitch at the Soccer City stadium as if trying to draw one last epiphany from South Africa’s transformation. He was shrewd not to stay for the football.” Enough said.

It was probably better that Spain won anyway, I have a few Spanish records in my collection and many from Spanish speaking countries around the world. If Holland had won I would have had to resort to Martin Carthy singing The Lowlands of Holland (he never lets you down that Martin Carthy!) or a Scott Joplin rag played on the guitar by Ton Van Bergeyk. Or I could have spent some of my hard earned pennies on some proper Dutch music. One day …!

Enough of these “might have beens” and on to today’s track – Fonsagrada by Susana Seivane. As you well know, Susana Seivane is a young Galician gaita (bagpipes) player. Fonsagrada is taken from her first album and consists of a couple of muiñeiras (a type of traditional Galician dance tune).

Susana Seivane – Fonsagrada

2 thoughts on “Susana Seivane – Fonsagrada

  1. Dill

    Buenos días, Andy – lovely track. Thereby hangs (as ever) a tale. Once upon, when I could still do such things, I was camped out under Naranjo de Bulnes, which is one hell of a rock in the Picos de Europa I had no intention of going up. Some locals were, though, and piped themselves in on what they indicated were Galician pipes.

    Quite apart from the football, which was a disgrace, Holland winning might have meant playing a toothsome hit by Focus.

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