Pentangle – Rain and Snow

Pentangle – People on the Highway (1968 - 71)

Pentangle – People on the Highway (1968 – 71)

Easter has been a mixed bag here – weather-wise. It has been cool, windy and showery. To be expected I suppose – April showers and all that. So, to reflect our rain and the late snow they had in Scotland, I’ve chosen Rain and Snow by the Pentangle for this weeks post.

Playing Pentangle always brings back some really fond memories to me. As a 17 year old, I hitch-hiked alone from Shropshire to Harrogate to attend a Pentangle concert. I remember very little of the concert or where I dossed for the night but I do remember quite clearly a very long and cold journey to the venue. Could you / would you / should you even consider doing this today?

Finding tracks for this blog is getting easier now as I have been working through my record collection, ripping the CDs to mp3s and storing them on my computer. Now, using Banshee – my music player, I can search for music by artist, album, track and,if I could be bothered, by genre or by rating out of 5.

I have nearly finished the ripping process, I am now on the Ws and have learnt that if I played my entire record collection from A-W non stop it would take over eight days from start to finish. There must be a reasonable argument to make that I have enough music and I have no need to buy even one more CD!

With that thought and the prospect of a sitar-tastic theme for April, I’ll leave you to listen to Rain and Snow – inside and / or outside your room.

Pentangle – Rain and Snow