Bob Marley – Positive Vibration

Bob Marley – Rastaman Vibration

Bob Marley – Rastaman Vibration

This month I’m going to post tracks from the CDs I’ve acquired recently. Some are new to me and some are repurchases of old, sold, lost or stolen albums. So expect some variety this month.

I’m starting with Positive Vibration from Bob Marley’s Rastaman Vibration. This album is associated strongly in my mind with holidays we used to have in the Scottish and English countryside, most especially to the Torridon area of the Scottish Highlands.

Around the time this album was first released we used to regularly load a couple of cars with bodies, food, and beverages and head off to a rented cottage for a week of walking, cooking and eating and sipping a glass or two of beer or wine.

Despite being loaded to the gunwales, we always managed to find room for a record player (For younger readers; the record player, phonograph or gramophone was the most common device for playing recorded sound from the late 1870s until the late 1980s!) and a pile of LPs. My memory tells me that Rastaman Vibration was taken on each and every one of these expeditions and was played more often than any other LP in the pile. I particularly remember it being played very loudly first thing every morning to rouse the less than eager from their beds. Happy days.

Bob Marley – Positive Vibration

3 thoughts on “Bob Marley – Positive Vibration

  1. Andrew Post author


    I’m glad you are enjoying them. I think that you’ll enjoy this week’s too. I hope so, anyway.

  2. Robin Robson / Squatter to his friends .....

    How could I not comment on this work of musical art?
    Yes, it was a great track to wake up to in Glen Cottage, Torridon, and put a brew on, before planning which of the mammoth, surreal peaks to ascend that day. Or maybe a walk around the biggest brute of all, Liathach? By the way, Andy, I am enjoying zipping through the postings and playing the tracks which sound interesting ….

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