Richard Thompson – Scott Skinner Medley

Richard Thompson – Strict Tempo

Richard Thompson – Strict Tempo

After last week’s track, Scott Skinner’s Dargai, I thought that I would post some more Scott Skinner music. This week we have Richard Thompson, no relation, playing a medley of Scott Skinner tunes namely Glencoe, The Rockin’ Step and Bonny Banchory from his instrumental album Strict Tempo!

After the modest sales for their 1979 album Sunnyvista, Richard and Linda Thompson found themselves without a record deal. To generate some income, Richard Thompson formed his own record label Elixir Records and recorded this album at a small studio in London.

The promotional copies of the album released in 1981 included the following introductory note from Richard Thompson:

“Dear listener: Here is an album of some of my favourite tunes, and I hope that they may appeal to you too. Nine tracks are of traditional music plus one by Duke Ellington, one from Morocco and one newly composed. The tunes are rendered acoustically and electrically, and I am indebted to Dave Mattacks who plays drums and percussion on several track. This record was recorded and multi-tracked on TEAC 8-track.”

Unbelievably this album appears to be out of print. Some used copies are available but they appear to command extraordinarily high prices from £36.00 for CD in good condition to over £100.00 for a near perfect copy. And before you ask – no, my copy is not for sale!

Richard Thompson – Scott Skinner Medley

3 thoughts on “Richard Thompson – Scott Skinner Medley

  1. Dill

    Tremendous amlbum – I think I borrowed your vinyl copy one summer close to its coming out, and made a cassette of it, which has recently reappeared in scrunch form as part of Amy’s (15yo) Textiles project.

    Off topic, your Cello Song choice of a few weeks ago brought to mind a radio show you might not have heard of? It’s called Spinning on Air, and broadcasts on WNYC at

    Go to the ‘shows’ link, then to Spinning on Air, then ‘archive’ – the Cello Songs listing is in Aug 2009. Can’t play the whole prog, but there are couple of interesting links. Good show in June ’09, on the recently deceased Hugh Hopper, and another in Sept ’09 on Robert Wyatt (both shows are available).

  2. Andrew Post author

    Yes, it’s great and relatively unknown. If Topic re-released it today I’m sure it would sell well.

    And thanks for the info about WNYC. I do occasionally listen to American PBS programmes and have now bookmarked WNYC. I listened to the Robert Wyatt show earlier and am now listening to a Woodstock revisited one!

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