Nick Drake – Cello Song

Nick Drake – Five Leaves Left

Nick Drake – Five Leaves Left

The moment is upon us – the colours theme is now officially over. Looking though my CDs I see that I still have several colour related tracks that I could post and so this running theme may well return. But for now we are on to pastures new.

I suppose the new pastures could be said to be those along the river Nene in Northamptonshire as the inspiration for this week’s post is a classical concert we went to on Friday in All Saints Church, Kings Cliffe.

The concert was part of the “Music in Quiet Places” series run by the Oundle International Festival. The Oundle Festival proper takes place in July and the “Music in Quiet Places” series extends the festival into early summer and then into Autumn with a series of concerts in rural churches around the Oundle area.

We try to attend at least one of these concerts each year – they are a bit of a drive for us. The villages are beautiful, the churches are lovely and the music is superb.

Friday’s concerts features Cellophony, a cello octet. They played two pieces written specifically for cello octets (the only two pieces written specifically for cello octets?) and arrangements of other works for this group. It was a really enjoyable concert; there was a good variety of music and the sound of the cellos in the church was glorious.

And so on to this weeks track. I have some classical music in my collection but unfortunately no cello octet music. And I haven’t planned to include classical music here, though I may do one day – why not? Instead, and I’ll let you work out the link yourselves, I am posting Cello Song from Nick Drake’s Five Leaves Left album.

Again, like the Joni Mitchell posted last week, when I return to this music I am always surprised how much I enjoy it still. I first bought the Nick Drake albums when I was a teenager and this is very definitely music to be taken up by those in their teens and twenties. I don’t know whether it says more about me or the music but at age fifty something this is still “my music”.

Nick Drake – Cello Song

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  1. Dill

    omg Andy – it came into my mind the other day that I’ll have to have a Nick Drake evening, and you go and play this…Can I get through the Pink Moon album + Black Eyed Dog again – after all, I only played them a decade ago?

    Little smidgins, fyi:

    There’s a more than decent cover of Cello Song by The Books, and one of Black Eyed Dog by Gomez (now that’s a pairing) on YouTube. Best of all is Beck’s Pink Moon.

    Do they curse where you come from? Only with every breath.

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