Van Morrison – Cyprus Avenue

Van Morrison – Astral Weeks

Van Morrison – Astral Weeks

I’m indulging myself this morning, listening to Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks.

On Friday night, we watched, on BBC Four, “So Hard to Beat – The story of Northern Ireland’s rock and pop over the last four decades – featuring exclusive interviews with Van Morrison, Snow Patrol, Gary Moore, Stiff Little Fingers, The Undertones and many more.”Great fun!

After that, and before I dragged myself off to bed I watched again (some of) “BBC Four Sessions Van Morrison – Van Morrison plays live at St Luke’s in London, backed by a full band.” (I like that “ … backed by a full band”.)

Van Morrison is a thread running through my musical life from watching Them’s “Here Comes the Night” on Top of the Pops, through blasting out “Moondance”, “Astral Weeks”, “Too Late to Stop Now” etc at the least opportunity, to watching a balding, sixty-something year old have the audience eating out of his hand at the St Lukes venue.

So come back in time with me and enjoy “Cyprus Avenue” from the “Astral Weeks” album.

Van Morrison – Cyprus Avenue

2 thoughts on “Van Morrison – Cyprus Avenue

  1. Dill

    Me and Barb watched the programmes, too – I think it was the massive John Platania in the band at St Luke’s? What struck me about the first tv programme was how young Van was when he made AW. Having said that, I didn’t get the album at all till I saw the ‘Too Late to Stop Now’ concert on TV (at about the time Chaucer was writing Troilus and Criseyde’), and then re-visited it. But, as Van himself said: ‘shanga langa langa, shanga langa langa, shanga langa langa, shanga langa langa – do ba do wa’. Good one, Andy.

  2. Andrew Post author

    I have an early Van moment that I was remembering too. It was certainly later than Chaucer’s time but the venue might not have been. It was c. 1982 – I walked into the Arts Centre at St Lukes College, Exeter to be greeted by Van, blasting out on the sound system, urging me to “listen, listen, listen to the lion; inside of you”. Magic.

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