The Waterboys – Song From The End Of The World

Waterboys - Room to Roam

Waterboys – Room to Roam

I’m not a great Waterboys fan, truth to tell I don’t know a whole lot about the group or their music but I do love this album.

I got to know it when I sold all my LPs and bought a CD player. The children were young at the time, we did not have very much money and CD players (and CDs) were quite costly then. But in a life laundry moment; I sold all my albums, bought a CD player and pledged that I would, over time, repurchase all the albums that were important to me on CD.

Now having forked out for the player, I couldn’t afford to buy many CDs straight away, so I bought a couple of cheapies to test out the technology and then hit the local libraries to borrow their CDs till I could build my collection up again.

One of the first CDs I borrowed was Room to Roam by the Waterboys. I loved it straight away, it seemed to convey the time and the place in which it was recorded. No track represents that feeling better than Song From The End Of The World. You can hear the “furious music”and “the sound of feet beating on a stone floor” and you can see all this magic happening through the “open door” of a farmhouse in Ireland. Well, I can and I hope you can too.

The Waterboys – Song From The End Of The World