Akli D – Tche’ Teche’Nia

Various Artists - African Soul Rebels

Various Artists – African Soul Rebels

Another freebie this week. This time an album released to promote the African Soul Rebels tour in 2007. These tours served to promote African music in general and showcase certain African bands / artists. In 2007 to tour featured Femi Kuti, Ba Cissoko and Akli D. The tour encompassed 12 venues around the country and stopped off at Northampton so I went along. I have memories of it not being the best gig ever; despite there being three quite distinct artists the sound managed to make them very samey. That is my recollection at least.

The track I’ve selected from the promo CD is Akli D singing Tche’ Teche’Nia (which may mean Good Morning or may mean Good Working – the CD offers two translations!). Akli D is an Algerian singer-songwriter, a Berber ethnic group native from Kabylie in the north of Algeria, one hundred miles east of Algiers. Around the time this CD was released he was popular on the world music scene but seems to have disappeared since then.

Akli D – Tche’ Teche’Nia

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