Etoile de Dakar – Absa Gueye

Etoile De Dakar - Volume 1 - Absa Gueye

Etoile De Dakar – Volume 1 – Absa Gueye

I started to write this post last week but got distracted by events – though not world shattering events as I can’t remember what they were just a week later. However, in the interim, I listened to the latest Froots Radio Podcast and, by coincidence, Ian Anderson played an Etoile de Dakar track from a recently released Youssou N’Dour retrospective.

If you like the track I am posting today, I’m certain you’ll enjoy the Froots Radio podcasts. And, for my money, December’s podcast is one of the most enjoyable I’ve listened to. This month there is a lot of cracking African music and some brilliant Greek Rembetiko.

On to my track – Etoile de Dakar’s Absa Gueye. This is the title track from the first of a series of Etoile de Dakar re-issues put out by Sterns. The album is a great place to hear mbalax; Senegalese music that fuses Cuban music with traditional Senegalese drum patterns.

Etoile de Dakar – Absa Gueye

One thought on “Etoile de Dakar – Absa Gueye

  1. dill

    Thanks, Andy – love this one. Had to get my map out to see exactly where Dakar is, revealing a degree of ignorance, and then follow your links to find out about the music, revealing a degree more. The longer you live, the more you have to learn…

    Found a diamond little programme, though you’re probably aware of it already: ‘Cutting Edge’, presented by Mike Chadwick, 10-12pm Sundays, on Jazzfm.

    Good to see Frances is back.

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