Traffic – 40,000 Headmen

Traffic - The Collection

Traffic – The Collection

One small project I have set myself is to recreate some of the sampler albums I listened to when I was a teenager. I haven’t made much progress but perhaps will resurrect the idea this winter. To give me some impetus I’ll post Roamin’ Thro’ the Gloamin with 40,000 Headmen by Traffic. I have it now on a Traffic compilation album The Collection but it was originally released as B-side to the “No Face, No Name, No Number” single in 1968 and then on their second album Traffic.

I first owned it on the Island sampler album Nice Enough to Eat. As an impoverished teenager sampler albums were a lifeline to my musical appetite. I could enjoy good music cheaply and go on to buy the crucial albums as and when I had the money. I have many fond, if fading, memories of hanging out with school-friends listening to these samplers – Nice Enough to Eat, You Can All Join In, Bumpers, The Rock Machine Turns You On etc. Happy days.

Traffic – 40,000 Headmen

One thought on “Traffic – 40,000 Headmen

  1. dill

    Nice disinterring of the 33.3 recurrings. I always loved this track, mainly because there was no real reason for it, beyond the fairy tale tone and, presumably, drug-induced torpor.

    I never really got into samplers, but I did love the one with ’21st Century schizoid man’ on it, which was a track that seemed to obviate the need for narcotics.

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