Brass Monkey – Riding Down to Portsmouth

Brass Monkey - The Complete Brass Monkey

Brass Monkey – Doctor Fauster's Tumblers / The Night of Trafalgar / Prince William

It is just thirteen steps from Santiago to Portsmouth, well it is in my record collection anyway. Thirteen steps from Alianza – Alianza! to Brass MonkeyThe Complete Brass Monkey. And, as today I’m riding down to Bognor Regis, I’ll post Riding Down to Portsmouth. Bognor, Portsmouth – they are close enough for me!

The Complete Brass Monkey is a compilation of the first two Brass monkey albums – Brass Monkey (1983) and See How It Runs (1986). Since then they have released Sound and Rumour (1999), Going and Staying (2001), Flame of Fire (2004), Head of Steam (2009) as well as another compilation, The Definitive Collection (2005). I don’t know these albums other than the odd tracks that have been played on the radio. I really should get round to buying them.

And if you enjoy this track (and the others off this album that I have posted, buy the CDs yourself or take yourself off to one of their gigs – yes they are still gigging from time to time. This summer’s gigs can be found on John Kirkpatrick website.

Brass Monkey – Riding Down to Portsmouth