Danny Thompson & Whatever – Major Escapade

Danny Thompson & Whatever - Elemental

Danny Thompson & Whatever – Elemental

This week Lucky Thirteen takes us the double album Whatever Next & Elemental from Danny Thompson & Whatever. Choosing a track based on favourites would have been a hard task as all the tracks are great – in my opinion. Choosing one on the basis of the title was easy. After Frances’s adventures in Mali, it could only be Major Escapade!

Even before instigating the Lucky Thirteen series, I usually managed to include a Danny Thompson track around this time on the basis that he had been spotted in the Transatlantic Sessions tv series. This year, Danny was again featured and was, it goes without saying, fantastic. Great music and great fun – he looked as if he was loving every minute. And who wouldn’t, when invited to play with some of the greats of folk and country music.

Oh, and by happy co-incidence, it was Danny Thompson’s birthday last week – many happy returns, Danny.

Danny Thompson & Whatever – Major Escapade