June Tabor – He Fades Away

June Tabor - Against the Streams

June Tabor – Against the Streams

Just a quick post before heading to collect Frances from Heathrow. She and her colleagues have managed to get a flight home from Bamako, 6 days before their scheduled flight. Today, with the situation worsening in Mali, the Foreign Office advised British subjects to leave Mali as soon as they could. We will be pleased to see Frances and her colleagues safely home and can do no more than hope that stability returns to Mali soon.

I’ll return to the Lucky Thirteen series with a track from June Tabor’s Against the Streams album. The track I’m posting is Alistair Hulett’s He Fades Away. The song, especially performed by June Tabor, is an incredibly moving story of a miner dying of mesothelioma after working in an asbestos mine.

For those who don’t know, Alistair Hulett himself died of cancer in 2010. The Guardian, in his obituary described Hulett as: “an outspoken, staunchly leftwing singer and songwriter who built up a dedicated following in his native Scotland and in New Zealand and Australia, where he spent much of his life.”

June Tabor – He Fades Away

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  1. dill

    I see from Frantastique that Frances is home safely, which sweet joy befall. I don’t know enough about the region to be sure, but the potential exists for some upheaval, whatever the rights and wrongs, and I’m glad she’s home.

    Thanks for the Alistair Hulett, too – he was a member of the same organisation I am, and made a better fist than most of being part of a creative industry and a socialist. Spoken con affettuoso…

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