Hello world!

Welcome to Furious Music, the music blog of Andrew Turner

Over Christmas 2008, I made 3 New Years resolutions:

  1. to read a novel by Charles Dickens (to my shame I have not read one yet)
  2. to continue posting slideshows to my foreign language vocabulary site pixlingo
  3. to start a music blog

1 and 2 can wait; but here goes with resolution number 3.

The aim of the site is to encourage a regular trawl through my record collection; mainly for my benefit but also for the benefit of anyone who might stumble across this blog and follow it for a while.

The plan is to post one track each week with my comment / observation / memory. My self imposed rules state that the tracks posted should be in my record collection, either bought by me or given to me (with or without subtle hints / coercion) as a gift.

The audio files posted on the site are intended to promote the music and the musicians involved. The files will be available to listen to and / or download for a relatively short period of time, c. 8 weeks. At the end of that period they will be deleted from the site. If you like the music, you are encouraged to buy the CD to get the best quality sound and to support the artists!

If you are the artist or label representative and would like your music / album art to be removed, please email me at theplodder at gmail dot com and I will remove them immediately.

3 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Dill

    Resolutions #2 & #3 are great. I HAVE read a novel by C Dickens, a Tale of Two McVities, and for tedium it took the biscuit. The nearest I get to Dickens now is:

    ‘now only two things are better
    than milkshakes and malts
    one is dancin’ like the dickens
    to the west texas waltz’

    Butch Hancock

  2. Chris

    Nice start to the new year, old buddy.

    I’ve been to the church on the North Kent marshes which is supposedly the scene for Magwitch approaching Pip in Great Expectorations, proper bleak house, it was. I haven’t got further with the works themselves since O level apart from the odd BBC classic serial.

    ‘Bought a clutch of cds in Fopp this week to fight off the credit crunch, the pick of them being “The Bairns” by Rachel Unthank and The Winterset, just the thing for a cold night in January, ‘though “A Reggae Tribute to Bob Dylan” had the kids’ toes tapping in the car…..

    I’ll play my Abdullah Ibrahim cd later.

  3. Lenny [the Dawg] Cole

    Andrew – This enterprise is quite interesting. I will be curious [ not furious] to visit your site to see and listen to your selections.

    From one side of the “Pond” to the other side – well done!


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